beyond burger costume

Source: Yandy

Hot stuff: a brave model dons the fearsome burger outfit

The ‘sexy’ Halloween costume is a time-honoured trick – enabling pouting partygoers to dress up in ghoulish style without looking actually ghoulish.

Most sexy outfits take the form of witch or (more troublingly) cat, but sometimes it’s fun to reflect the zeitgeist. Enter the Sexy Beyond Burger costume. Yours for just $36.95, it comprises a beige dress with a burger detail around the waist. To make it clear we’re talking meat-free here, a tasteful ‘Plant Based’ hairband flag is included. There’s a ‘Not Grade A Certified’ stamp over the bum, too – though to the uninitiated that just looks like a negative assessment of the wearer’s backside.

A lack of Beyond Burger branding suggests it might not be strictly official… but who’s gonna complain about being labelled sexy?

The other point, then: is it scary? Well, the meat industry has been pretty freaked out, so you could wear it while trick-or-treating your local butcher. Or frighten whiners who seem threatened by the concept of veganism. Be afraid, Piers Morgan!