colin clyne mackies

Do cows like country music? It’s the question on every farmer’s lips. Fortunately, Mackie’s of Scotland is all over it.

Inspired by decade-old research that suggested classical music boosted milk yields, Mackie’s got Aberdeenshire crooner Colin Clyne to serenade its herd for a fortnight. It also played his music in the milking parlour.

Video footage shows the cows crowding round and listening attentively. Col reports that his bovine audience enjoyed his guitar work, but weren’t so keen on the harmonica. You don’t need the blues when you live in a field, it seems.

But the proof of the (rice) pudding is in the eating. So… did yields go up? No. In fact, they fell 3% - with all but one cow (cold comfort for Colin) producing less milk.

But Mackie’s has vowed to continue its sonic experiments. Cows: if you didn’t like country moo-sic, just wait until free jazz fortnight.