Top hat-wearing, monocle-clad poshos aren’t quite as cool as they were 104 years ago. So US snack brand Planters has decided to move on from its famous mascot, Mr Peanut.

But instead of quietly retiring him, Planters has instead bumped off its hero. An early screening of its Super Bowl ad shows Mr P, out for a drive with actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh, swerving to avoid an armadillo. The trio end up dangling from a clifftop branch, before the snack toff nobly sacrifices himself to save his pals.

The move was apparently inspired by heartfelt fan reaction to the death of the Avengers’ Iron Man (oops, spoiler!) – who famously rescued the universe with a snap of his fingers. Saving Blade and Mike from Veep is almost the same!

Still, in a year in which a raft of cereal cartoon characters have bitten the dust, it shows no mascot is safe. Be afraid, M&M’s guys, Jolly Green Giant and Loyd Grossman!