joe pork pie

This year has already brought us an indie-rock anthem about Tenderstem broccoli, and now a musical appraisal of the humble pork pie is upon us. Well, formerly humble.

Following a search initiated by pie maker Pork Farms, 30-year-old Joe Harrison (rap name: Joe Burger) was selected to record the track ‘King of Pork Pie’, which he did with admirable commitment and no little style.

The punchy rap celebrates the porky treat with some of the braggadocio associated with the genre (“the meat’s all British / perfectly finished”), while there’s a faintly confusing bit about escaping the ‘pigs’ on his tractor. It even features a ‘diss’ (“these other pie guys are straight disasters”), which we fervently hope prompts a response track from, say, Wall’s.

It’s available to download via the usual avenues, and royalties will be donated to the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs.