Oil prices? Whatever. Wheat harvests - who cares? The only commodity crisis Bogof worries about these days is the Prosecco shortage.

Now perhaps we know the reason for it. Marks & Spencer has taken the posh crisp phenomenon to its illogical conclusion with a ‘Winter Berries & Prosecco’ flavour. They come ‘with fizz & sparkle’ - so presumably they’re coated with popping candy and edible glitter (which is only marginally more stupid than the concept of Prosecco-flavoured crisps).

The small(er) print goes on to describe the crisps as ‘thinly sliced’ and ‘crispy’. So that’s good to know.

Surely no one with a sense of shame will go anywhere near this ponce-ster munch, which leaves only pretentious wine obsessives as potential customers. Sadly for M&S, everyone knows the oenologically inclined all prefer Jilly Goolden Wonder.