cereal motel

Cereal is a pretty inoffensive foodstuff. Unless you’re one of those anti-sugar hand-wringers, obviously. Or one of those beard men charging £2.50 a bowl at their stupid 1980s cafés.

Also passionate about cereal is London startup Cereal Motel, which has come up with a quartet of what it calls ‘deliciously inappropriate cereals for grown-ups only’. The range – Vice Krispies, Porn Flakes, Booty Pops and Sugar Tits – come in brand-spoofingly designed boxes, at just £9.99 for 375g.

The packs aren’t really that racy, mind. Perhaps most troubling is the Booty Pops, which focuses on a cat-woman with a prominent behind. This rather lessens the appeal of the ‘chocolate balls’ in which she’s squatting.

Cereal Motel has also designed in some childhood nostalgia: boxes feature wordsearch puzzles and collectable tokens for prizes including a carry tray. Erotic!