Bath salts scoop

Now Halloween is out of the way, it’s officially Christmas. So, time to get shopping for stupid presents! And if you’re not keen on the crystal meth-tastic Breaking Bad doll we mentioned last week, there are other options.

Item one: the mighty Miito, a sub-Teasmaid that allows consumers to make a cuppa using an induction base and a heating rod to wangle in the cup. It’s only £80, so bin that kettle! Unless you ever need to boil water for anything else.

Meanwhile, having noticed the fashion for salt, Harvey Nichols has started selling pink Himalayan rock salt. But not just any Himalayan rock salt. The sodium-y treat comes with an oak ‘holder’ and a stainless steel grater - because, yep, it comes in actual rock form. If you feel the urge to cackhandedly chip great chunks of it all over your dinner party chums, then it’s yours for just £25.

Next week: Easter tips.