Snickers: Mr Bean enjoys the nation’s favourite bar

The British Heart Foundation has kicked off its ‘Dechox’ campaign – encouraging folk to participate in its sponsored choc ditching for the month of March.

But how to raise awareness? BHF commissioned a study of the UK’s favourite chocolate bars – the results of which got pulses racing at Grocer HQ as the winner and the relative positions of Bounty and Fry’s Turkish Delight were debated with artery-endangering fury.

Here’s the full list – though maybe don’t read on if you’re feeling faint of heart.

Britain’s top 30 favourite chocolate bars

  1. Snickers
  2. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  3. Galaxy Bar
  4. Bounty
  5. Kit Kat
  6. Twix
  7. Twirl
  8. Wispa
  9. Mars Bar
  10. Flake
  11. Crunchie
  12. Aero Mint
  13. Kit Kat Chunky
  14. Toblerone
  15. Double Decker
  16. Cadbury Fruit & Nut
  17. Milkybar
  18. Bournville
  19. Lindor
  20. Fry’s Turkish Delight
  21. Daim
  22. Cadbury Caramel
  23. Galaxy Ripple
  24. Cadbury Fudge
  25. Picnic
  26. Starbar
  27. Galaxy Caramel
  28. Milky Way
  29. Aero
  30. Yorkie

Source: British Heart Foundation/OnePoll