While the nation's fittest, including many distinguished foodies, sweated and puffed around London in the Marathon last Sunday, I trotted gently off to Olympia for the Natural Products Show ­ a feast of organics. Not just pony tailed, lentil soup gorging, Roman sandled green disciples filled the main hall. I spotted a fair number of multiple folk among the independent specialists. Mind you, I hadn't bargained for the sight of an elder statesman of the grocery press fraternity, apparently being measured for size on a stand which offered punters the chance to have their bodies reshaped. He seemed taken with the salesman's patter and, I can reveal, his six feet four inch frame has stomped the office with a new spring this week. Could it be that a new man has emerged from the Natural Products Show? We'll keep readers informed. Two colleagues were dispatched to Telford this week to cast an eye over P&H McLane's Pro-retail. They report there was a definite buzz about the show with plenty of happy visitors and exhibitors. One P&H wheeze to ensure a captive audience is the bus service it lays on for retailers from its depots to the show. However the constant announcements ­ "ding dong. The bus from Torquay has just arrived" ­ did give the show the air of a bus depot. And some male exhibitors proved to be very poor interviewees, completely losing the plot as a 6ft-plus lady with legs as long as her skirt was short wandered by, plugging the products of a tights company. {{COUNTERPOINT }}