Joined in the fun with the Whitbread dignatories as they enjoyed their last ever Stella Artois tennis tournament at Queen's Club. Judging by the numbers ensconced in the lovely tea and ­ hmm ­ bar area, it's obvious not all of them will miss the tennis as much as some of the other attributes. I wonder what the Interbrew brigade will make of it all. Does Belgium have any tennis players, I wonder? Maybe it, too, could look into co-opting a couple of dashing yanks. Talking of strange pursuits, back here at The Grocer offices I've noticed a couple of team members shirking off for a bit of relaxation at lunchtime. And no, I don't mean the time. Would you credit it, but some of our advertising team have taken to skateboarding at lunchtime. Would love to hear of any other strange ­ and publishable. Ed ­ activities undertaken by industry members during their lunch breaks. In fact, first ­ as in preliminary ­ prize goes to same said member of ad team who has singlehandedly started a be nice to cashier assistants' campaign after being told by one surprised Sainsbury worker: "Oh, sorry I wasn't listening. No one ever talks to me here you know." On to Edinburgh on Wednesday for the Gala Bash preceeding the Royal Highland Show. But, what should have been a great night out turned into a gloomy affair for the contingent from south of the border. Those smug Jocks having rejected the English NFU's little red tractor symbol were quick to pull English legs about the gloomy goings on in Charleroi on the previous night. At least we qualified for Euro 2000! {{COUNTERPOINT }}