Company: Halewood International
Rsp: £2.99/75cl
Competition: Silver Bay Point
The sell: Botany Creek would appeal to the increasing number of consumers looking for lower price points, lower abvs and lighter tastes


The consumer
I thought this was quite sweet and tasted more like a glass of squash than red wine there just wasn’t the depth you would expect. The low alcohol content suits me because I have just had a baby and am breastfeeding, so I wanted this to be good. But I would rather have one glass of decent wine than two glasses of this. It’s not undrinkable or unpleasant, it’s just not an alternative to wine. Two stars (out of five)
Kate Halliwell, lawyer, Reigate

The expert
The lower-abv wine option is increasingly attractive commercially as duty and other costs rise. Botany Creek, which is a British wine, is clearly seeking an association with Australia, although the basic packaging counteracts this. The product is very light and quite sweet with no finish, but may appeal to a younger, less discerning customer base. Two stars
Paul Miller, category manager, Capper & Co

The Grocer
I love red wine but drinking this was a very different experience to enjoying a smooth glass of Rioja or a punchy shiraz. There wasn’t really any nose to speak of and it tasted oddly thin and quite sweet. It also looked like berry juice, not wine. I didn’t enjoy it, and didn’t even finish the glass. There may be a trend towards lighter beverages, but other low-abv brands out there are far superior to this and I struggle to see how this would compete, despite the low price point. One star
Lisa Riley, senior reporter