British pig bosses are looking to the global pork industry to restore pride in home production.
Speaking at the opening of the World Pork Congress, Mick Sloyan, chief executive of the British Pig Executive, said: "The British pig industry has a long history in pig production and our breeding stock, production methods and ideas have been spread round the world. Now it's our turn to get something back."
Sloyan, talking to representatives from 25 different countries in Birmingham this week, said that the world's pork industry was facing difficulties.
"Pig producers have seen very poor prices, often below the cost of production. Many exporters have seen reduced volumes and margins are under pressure."
However, he said Britain had suffered more than most.
"Our industry has contracted significantly in the last five years. However, those who remain are determined to do everything they can to turn this around."
He said BPEX was implementing its Road to Recovery strategy and an important element of that was learning from other countries.
"We are eager to learn from our colleagues in the world pork business so we can collectively increase the size of the global pork market.
"We will aim to adapt ideas to our particular circumstances and restore pride in the Great British pig industry."
The World Pork Congress, which saw 24 speakers, including experts, politicians and business people from 16 different countries talk about the industry, was described as a huge success by Sloyan.
The event was jointly organised by BPEX, the MLC and the International Meat Secretariat.