Bpex has signed up former England international Phil Tufnell to front its Lovepork barbecue campaign this summer.

Tufnell, who began a series of radio promotions this week, is the face of the campaign to highlight the versatility of pork for barbecues and is encouraging shoppers to try chops, steaks, ribs, belly joints, shoulder, leg and collar, in a bid to bring better carcase utilisation to the sector.

Tufnell's recruitment will be seen as a gamble after fellow levy company Eblex dropped ex-cricketers Ian Botham and Allan Lamb from its marketing strategy this year. Critics said the pair were no longer recognisable to younger audiences.

Bpex said Tufnell, who it employed to promote British Sausage Week two years ago, was popular with the British public. 

"He's a bit more well known [than Botham and Lamb] and is not just a sportsman. People like him and he's got personality," said a spokeswoman. 

A BBQing Pork guide has also been produced with preparation and cooking tips, while the Lovepork website features 'Tuffer's Top Tips' and an interactive facility to allow consumers to email barbecue suggestions to the A Question of Sport team captain. A BBQ set is also up for grabs every week in a competition running through the Ashes.

Meanwhile a Bpex consumer survey showed 91% felt labels describing imported pork as 'British' were misleading. Bpex has launched a No More Porkies! campaign, fronted by Ruth Langsford, to encourage retailers and processors to make country-of-origin labelling clearer.