Major steps have been taken towards opening the Chinese market to British pigmeat.
MLC export product manager for pigmeat Bent Windahl discussed the issue of exports with Fan Xiaojian, Chinese vice minister of agriculture, who led an inward mission to the UK.
The party was extremely interested in outdoor production, the breeds of pigs and disease control and visited Heath Farm, Swaffham, an outdoor pig breeding unit, accompanied by Windahl and fieldman Alistaire Brice of Dalehead Foods.
After the visit to the farm, the mission went to the Dalehead Foods plant, where they were briefed by chairman Tony Ambler, director Stuart Hands and production manager Tom Begg.
Windahl said: "The members of the delegation were very satisfied with the visit and a foundation for future trade relations with China has been laid."
China imports approximately 150,000 tonnes of pigmeat and pork products annually, primarily from north America.