Bread enriched with the healthy fat Omega-3 is the latest product to be launched in the Sparky Brand range.
The loaf is the third in the Sparky stable, with Omega-3 enriched whole chickens and fruit juices already unveiled.
Ues Yuor Laof sliced bread
is available in white and stoneground wholemeal variants, with an rsp from £1.39 for 800g. It is already on sale in Selfridges, priced £2.00 for white and £2.19 for wholemeal, and is poised to go into Sainsbury stores from May.
One slice contains 10% of the recommended daily intake of Omega-3, derived from pressed anchovies, kneaded into the dough during manufacturing.
The unusual spelling on the brand makes a link with the reputed benefits to the brain of Omega-3. The orange juice, for example, is called Clevre Clgos.
Besides functional attributes, Sparky founder Jeremy Schwartz, Sainsbury’s brand director until a year ago, said the bread was also positioned as a premium product.
The dough is kneaded using a traditional spiral mixer for a firmer texture and is made with high protein Canadian flour for a better taste.
The whole Sparky range is beginning its roll-out into the multiple retailers. Sainsbury is stocking the juices already with whole chickens set to follow shortly.
Other multiple retailers are also poised to list Sparky Brand products, although Schwartz would not reveal which ones because deals had not been finalised. But he added: “It will not be all the major retailers; only those I want to engage with that are interested in quality.”
Richard Clarke