A new drinks brand hopes to introduce more people to the health benefits of a Brazilian superfruit.

Green & Kerley's ambient drinks are made with organic acai and are free from additives, preservatives or added sugar. The berry has been hailed as the perfect food because it contains more antioxidants than blueberries or pomegranates, and is said to be able to boost the immune system, slow down the ageing process and battle cancer. Acai also contains omega oils, fibre and has no cholesterol.

The acai palms are helping to regenerate areas of the rainforest in Brazil as farmers can now make more money harvesting the fruit than from logging trees, said Green & Kerley director Shelley Green.

"Acai is a really important fruit not only for its health benefits but also in terms of the environmental and social impact it's having," she said.

The 330ml bottles have an rsp of £1.79 and come in two blends: acai with mango and acai with strawberry.