Britain’s top 100 booze brands are worth a total £11.4bn this year – £369m less than in 2022

That’s a value decline of 3.1%, after shoppers put 178.4 million fewer litres of beer, wine and spirits into their baskets.

Of the top 100, 58 are in value decline and 67 have seen volumes slump as the effects of lockdown finally vanish and Brits tighten their purse-strings.

Just 32 brands have made gains in both value and volumes. Chief among them is Madrí Excepcional.

Who’s up?

52 (449)
Madri Excepcional

↑ 2,647.8%

109 (176)

↑ 87.1%

56 (74)
La Vieille Ferme

↑ 48.9%

104 (151)
Porta 6

↑ 42.3%

114 (155)

↑ 32.7%

A collaboration between brewers La Sagra and Molson Coors, the lager made its grocery debut in March 2022. It’s now worth £70.1m after registering this report’s biggest absolute gain of £67.5m. The brand’s put 22.6 million extra litres through tills.

Madrí Excepcional’s success is illustrative of Brits’ growing preference for European and craft beers. Further highlighting this trend are the desultory performances of mass-market lagers Budweiser, Foster’s and Carling. They’ve lost an eye-watering £122.9m between them and sold 82.3 million fewer litres.

A grain of solace for Bud and co is that they’re not the year’s biggest loser. That title goes to Gordon’s. It’s £72.8m worse off – strongly suggesting the gin boom is well and truly over. Further evidence comes in the form of major losses for and Tanqueray, Whitley Neill and Bombay. They’ve shed a combined £33.9m.

Who’s down?

96 (82)

↓ 25.7%

67 (58)
Whitley Neill

↓ 22.7%

85 (71)
Bud Light

↓ 22.5%

38 (32)

↓ 21.5%

78 (67)
Brancott Estate

↓ 20.1%

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