11 (15) Echo Falls
Sales: £183.2m (+35.1%)
Launched: 2004 (UK)

The fastest-growing brand in the top 50, Echo Falls has, like Hardys, benefited from sponsorship of Channel 4's hit show Come Dine With Me. The continued strong performance of New World rosé has also helped the brand.

12 (12) Glen's
Sales: £173.3m (+15%)
Launched: 1972

Britain's biggest-selling value vodka brand has seen sales boom. It has also benefited from a decline in own-label spirit sales, with duty hikes narrowing the price differential between own ­label and brands.

13 (11) Gallo Family Vineyards
Sales: £144.2m (-11.5%)
Launched: 1933

Gallo has rationalised its range, opting to focus on four core subbrands, but it is yet to reap the rewards. At least it's showing willing: E&J Gallo unveiled a number of lower abv wines to tap into growth in the lighter wine sector.

14 (17) The Famous Grouse
Sales: £141.3m (+14.2%)
Launched: 1896

Scotland's bestselling whisky has reaped the benefits of five weeks of Christmas TV advertising and a year-long sampling campaign, launched in October. A cola premix (launched in August) has broadened Grouse's appeal.

15 (16) Carlsberg Export
Sales: £140.2m (+8.8%)
Launched: 1847

Carlsberg Export had two things working in its favour in 2010: the World Cup and a packaging makeover that helped drive the premium image of the brand. It's a combination that appears to have worked, nudging sales up 8.8%.

16 (18) Gordon's gin
Sales: £133.3m (+10.1%)
Launched: 1769

One of the big-league spirits names heavily promoted at peak periods, with '£15 a litre' and 'two 70cl bottles for £20' typical deals, as Gordon's continues to reap the rewards of its association with ­celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

17 (13) First Cape
Sales: £119.7m (-19.7%)
Launched: 2002

Despite knocking Jacob's Creek out of the UK top five off-trade wines in August, First Cape is struggling. Largely reliant on keen pricing, the brand has found increased duty and the march of the rand against sterling challenging.

18 (14) Jacob's Creek
Sales: £109.1m (-19.6%)
Launched: 1976

The Aussie dollar exchange rate and reduced promotional activity hit Jacob's Creek hard, but owner Pernod Ricard hopes its new Regional Reserve range and lead sponsorship at Wimbledon will help turn around performance.

19 (24) Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
Sales: £107.3m (+17.1%)
Launched: 1981

Jack Daniel's passed a milestone this year, with the Tennessee whiskey becoming a top 20 off-trade alcohol brand. Brand owner BBFB has seen JD benefit from a general shift in spirit sales from the on-trade into the off-trade.

"Consumers continue to buy their favourite alcohol brands from supermarkets for planned big nights in, favouring more economical socialising occasions when money is tight," says marketing manager Louise Snowball.

Jack Daniel's also featured strongly in retailer cross-brand multibuy spirits offers, especially in the peak pre-Christmas sales period. "Leading brands with ­loyal fan bases like Jack Daniel's are frequently included within these promotions, and featured in advertising as a way of driving consumers into store," says Snowball.

Brand extensions such as the premium Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel variants, and the premixes with cola and ginger, have also helped raise the profile of the core brand.

To help Jack Daniel's stand out on shelf, its iconic square bottle has just been given a redesign to emphasise its shape, with the bottle labels also simplified.

20 (21) Bacardi Superior Rum
Sales: £105.6m (+9.1%)
Launched: 1862

Bacardi tops the rum chart with its white Superior Rum variant, claiming that the brand benefited from the growth of at-home socialising and the introduction of price-marked packs in convenience outlets.

Britain's 100 Biggest Alcohol Brands 2011