Wrigley says soft bubble gum is especially popular with children aged 7-14 and puts annual sales in the UK at around £11m.
Wrigley's Hubba Bubba is the most popular soft bubblegum brand in the UK and sales are grown largely by introducing new flavours with Wrigley's Jo Hartop saying a new Hubba Bubba flavour can boost sales across the whole range by up to 30%.
Meanwhile, Adams claims a 36% share of the bubblegum market with Bubbaloo - which sold more than 60 million pieces last year - and Bubblicious. Flavour rotation is key to Adams, too, and a Bubbaloo Blueberry variety will be launched at the end of September.
The company also pushes sales through clever packaging and display - its multi-flavour counter-top display outer increases the rate of sale by 37% over single outers, it says, while its 10-piece handy bags sell strongly in supermarkets.
Zed Candy and Leaf also have a share of the hard bubblegum market.