A new report has blasted celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver and Loyd Grossman as ‘salt addicts’ – which may or may not be vaguely defamatory.

Either way, the papers are all over the story like, well, salt in pasta sauce. The Guardian and the Daily Mirror both report on the high salt content in Oliver’s pasta sauces, while The Times, the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail can’t resist sticking the boot in either. His sauce is variously “saltier than seawater” and “has more salt than 10 bags of crisps” – you get the idea.

Elsewhere, the Telegraph reports that Nectar has taken a hit after underestimating how many shoppers would cash in loyalty points earned at Sainsbury’s and Homebase.

Sainsbury’s itself isn’t doing too badly, of course. Yesterday it announced a jump in profits of 18.5% for the past six months, as noted by an impressed Independent. Boss Justin King also warned that slapping VAT on food would hurt some of Britain’s poorest people.

The Times says the supermarket will be looking north for further growth – and the Telegraph concurs.

Back with the Indy, news that relentless expansive high street baker Greggs is eyeing up around 100 stores operated by Threshers – until its parent last week entered administration, anyway.

The Alphaville blog on ft.com says that hedge funds growing their stake in Cadbury makes it more likely that Kraft’s takeover bid will succeed.

And The Times says Marks & Spencer may add Simply Food to its plans for continental expansion.