Burton’s Foods is stepping up its competition with rival Nestlé Rowntree with three sugar confectionery products targeting adults as well as children.
For kids the company is launching Bursting Bottles and Little Squirts, developed using technology that locks a liquid centre inside a soft gum and made to meet the growing demand for confectionery with natural colours and flavours.
Bursting Bottles are sour, fizzy bottle-shaped gums (rsp: 39p for 75g bags and 29p for 40g) in a mix of three flavours - cola, lemonade and cherryade - while Little Squirts are plain gums that contain 25% fruit juice (rsp: 39p for 75g and £1.29 for a multipack of five) in a mixture of pear, apple and cherry flavours.
Fruitease, a selection of flavoured gums, also with 25% fruit juice, will be launched into the adult market in 175g hanging bags (rsp: 99p) in Citrus and Orchard flavoured varieties.