Bendicks of Mayfair has launched a major programme to reinvigorate its Werthers brand in a bid to reverse sliding sales for sugar confectionery.

It is introducing Werther's Original Butter Mints as a new permanent line this month - two years after it was launched as a limited-edition product.

And the award-winning Jake's Dad 30-second TV creative, developed specifically for the UK, is back on the screen this month running until the end of April.

Last year sugar confectionery suffered a 3% sales decline, with falls for 13 of the top 20 brands - including a drop of 10% for Werther's Original.

But this week, Bendicks announced an extensive programme of activity for the rest of the year ahead aimed at building consumer awareness, maximising the brand's in-store profile and boosting sales.

The company, which generates sales of more than £21m a year, said it planned to spend a further £4m on TV adverts in the coming months.