Beyoncé-inspired popcorn, speciality teas containing real gold and tequila-infused ice cream could be launching into major retailers by Christmas, after winning plaudits at The Speciality & Fine Food Fair.

Last weekend's event attracted 600 artisan food and drink suppliers 55% of which were first time exhibitors. Show organiser Rob Collins put the rise down to "renewed confidence and vigour among the producers."

He hailed the "inspired variety" of products on show, listing Diva Popcorn as an example.

With packets featuring buxom divas made from popcorn and flavours such as Parmesan Pesto and Sweet Chipotle Chilli, Diva launched four months ago and has only been available in healthfood shops and high-end retailers such as Harrods, but MD Ed Barnard said the brand was discussing listings with the multiples.

"The US spends $1.30 a head on popcorn, whereas in Europe we spend only 0.15 a head, so there's an opportunity," said Barnard.

"We figured if we could produce an air-popped product with tasty and ­innovative flavours, much like the rice cracker market, we could offer consumers an interesting and guilt-free way to stave off hunger between meals."

Another glamorous attendee at the fair was The Girl With The Golden Cup a range of speciality teas and tisanes which contain edible precious metals, including gold and silver.

Founder Caroline Thompson expected the teas to be available in one major retailer by Christmas and said the fair was a great opportunity to meet buyers. "Can you imagine trying to ring all of these buyers?" she asked. "The fair provides instant ratification."

An ice cream range that merges "Sgt Pepper with Vivienne Westwood" is also predicted to have listings before the year end. Buyers described the branding of Patchwork's five luxury ice cream tubs with flavours including Tequila-soaked Cranberry as "brave," said MD Rufus Carter.

"There's normally a lot of back-slapping at these kind of events but it's rare to achieve orders from buyers so quickly."