Asda Iced White Chocolate Coffee

asda white chocolate coffee

Who: Asda

What: Iced White Chocolate Coffee

Where: Dairy drinks

When: Launched July 2015

How much: £1.30/120g

Why: Part of the Asda Chosen By You range, this pack contains eight sachets of ‘white chocolate flavour coffee cappuccino’ to be mixed with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk. Asda also advises adding crushed ice.

Consumer verdict: While the idea and concept appealed to our testers, some thought the pack design failed to fully promote the product. Good initial pre-trial appeal heightened expectations, and these were met for many testers, who liked the “lush, not too sweet, flavours” and “subtle taste of vanilla”. Only those in the Midlands expressed concerns about the coffee flavour being not strong enough. Despite this, a good overall score of 42 was achieved and there was a significant rise in purchase intent - from 48% pre-trial to 76% after trial. Four out of 10 testers said they would consider at least a fortnightly purchase, with only a small minority adamant this product was not for them and that they would never buy.

Pre-trial purchase: 48%

Post-trial purchase: 76%

Better than what’s out there: 73%

New and different: 80%

Overall score: 42/50


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