PhD Nutrition is looking to muscle in on a gap in the sports nutrition market for vegan-friendly protein powder, with a new range containing protein derived from pea, hemp and brown rice.

Debuting exclusively in Holland & Barrett on 28 January, the Protein Superfood powders will be sold in 500g tubs (rsp: £24.99) and 25g sachets (rsp: £1.99) in three variants: chocolate, banana and super berries.

The dairy and gluten-free powders – which contain kale, broccoli, sweet potato and pumpkin – have more than 14g of protein per 25g serving, and fewer than 100 calories.

Designed to cater for sport and fitness fans seeking an alternative to the whey and milk protein-based powders on the market, the supplement could assist with the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, its maker claimed.

The product, which can be consumed twice a day, may also be used by those who do not have the time to prepare quality food, said PhD Nutrition.