Russel Brand Mash Tags

Mashtags - the potato snack of the zeitgeist - has done us the great kindness of identifying the finest ‘TwEaters’ on Twitter. They are, you see, the (sigh) “hot potatoes of social media”.

Mashtag enjoyers non-controversially awarded the title of most-loved personality to Stephen Fry, while Ricky Gervais picked up the ‘funniest’ tag, Katie Price ‘feistiest’ and Lady Gaga ‘most attention-grabbing’. Russell Brand was voted (ironically, given his views on democracy) ‘most relevant’.

And the best way to mark this ground-breaking investigative work? Food pictures! Mashtags maker Birds Eye got ­’artist’ Nathan Wyburn to illustrate the celebs using a stencil, some rice, peas, fish fingers and Mashtags. As you can see from his portrait of revolutionary Russ, the Mashtags are completely irrelevant! Funny, that.

#epicfail #wasteofeveryonestime #justsaying