Protein Crunch Fuel10k Protflakes

Weetabix Protein Crunch and Fuel10k Protiflakes roll into Asda next week

Two cereal suppliers are going head to head from next week in a bid to capture the hearts and wallets of protein-seekers.

Weetabix is rolling out a Protein Crunch range into Asda at the same time the retailer will be putting Fuel10K’s new Protiflakes cereal on shelf. Protiflakes is the second cereal launch from Fuel10K, which in January rolled out its Weetabix-style protein-enhanced Protibrick.

Weetabix Protein Crunch, developed specifically for the UK market, will be available in original and chocolate flavours and targeted at ‘healthy, active’ consumers looking to increase their protein intake.

Both pieces of NPD will be looking to tap the trend for protein-enhanced food and drinks, with Weetabix confident Protein Crunch will appeal to a different target consumer than other protein breakfast products.

“The protein breakfast products currently out there are only a source of protein, while Weetabix Protein Crunch will ensure broader appeal to healthy and active families,” said Weetabix brand manager Caroline La Niece. She added the duo would bring protein to breakfast in a “credible way” and extend its nutritional credentials.

The challenge for a mainstream brand will be to stretch its branding to engage in a relevant, and positive way with the right consumers

Fuel10K founder Barney Mauleverer said it was good to see a large player recognising the changing demands of the modern-day consumers. “The challenge for a mainstream brand will be to stretch its branding to engage in a relevant, and positive way with the right consumers.”

Mauleverer said Fuel10K was hoping Protiflakes would broaden the relevance of the brand beyond its male heartland and would appeal to active women. The launch also brings the debut of a ‘cleaner’ new look that will be being introduced across the Fuel10k brand during the summer.

He predicted the newcomer would be “as successful” as stablemate Protibrick, which he said had clocked up £500,000 in its first four months and was on target to hit £3m sales this year. Protibrick has secured a new listing with Sainsbury’s from later this month.

Branding expert Giles Lury, chairman at The Value Engineers, said that while Protiflakes was closer to the current core target group for protein-rich foods, Weetabix had the breadth of appeal and strength of the Weetabix brand behind it. “Though the Weetabix target group was probably less aware of the benefits of a balanced protein/carb breakfast they will no doubt be educated about it, he added.

How the two brands measure up

 Protein CrunchProtiflakes
RSP/pack size:  £2.99/450g £2.69/500g
Protein (30g portion):   6g  7.1g 
Sugar (30g portion):  6.6g  3.5g
Calories (30g portion):  114kcal   112kcal