Cadbury has dropped its famous ‘glass and a half’ milk claim from wrappers of Dairy Milk.

A new claim will read: "The equivalent of 426ml of fresh liquid milk in every 227g of milk chocolate."

The Kraft Foods-owned confectioner cited “regulatory” factors for the switch, which it said had been planned since 2007 but was only now coming into effect.

“The phrase didn’t make sense if the pack stated the bar weighs 49g or 230g,” a spokesman said.

The old claim, which Cadbury said would continue to be used in advertising, referred to the amount of milk used in a half-pound of Dairy Milk.

Cadbury initially said Trading Standards was behind the change but the regulator has denied any involvement. Cadbury has since backtracked over the suggestion.

“The Trading Standards Institute would have no objection to the continued use of the slogan unless it was considered misleading by consumers,” a spokesman for the watchdog said. “The slogan is well known by consumers and should not be confused with food labelling laws.”

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