Cadbury's collaboration with Burton's Foods has sparked 40% sales growth in the total biscuit category suggesting it is well on track with its plans to be as big in biscuits as it is in confectionery.

Burton's Foods, which manufactures Cadbury's "chocolate bar biscuits" as well as Cadbury Digestives and Fingers, this week ­revealed that Cadbury Caramel, Crunchie and Turkish Delight had clocked up £7.6m in sales since their March launch.

In the past year, the full Cadbury biscuit range had accounted for a massive 40% incremental growth in the biscuit category, it claimed, citing Nielsen data to 52w/e 15 June 2010.

Category controller at Burton's Foods, Jon Sandy, said the three new biscuit lines had brought excitement to a ­category that had been "characterised by low levels of innovation and ­investment" and revealed further NPD was in the pipeline.

"Cadbury biscuits are out-performing the market, a pattern we expect to continue with more product innovation," said Sandy.

"We have high expectations for brand and category growth, as our products continue to attract new shoppers and encourage consumers to trade up."

He added that 26.5% of the £7.6m sales of Cadbury Caramel, Crunchie and Turkish Delight biscuits had come from other branded biscuits, 14% from own-label and 9% from ­other Burton's and Cadbury products.

At the time, Cadbury hailed their launch as "the biggest biscuit launch for 10 years" and predicted they would hit £20m in first-year sales.