Old-school brands Wispa and Crunchie are set for new format extensions as part of a £7m summer NPD programme for Cadbury.

The confectioner is introducing Wispa Duo in June two smaller bars in one pack to provide consumers with a more "portionable" version of the single bar format. With an rsp of 68p, the newcomer is 18p more expensive than a regular Wispa. Cadbury said it hoped to boost incremental basket spend for the overall chocolate bar category and attract new customers to duo bars.

Many consumers found the current duo chocolate bars, which include Mars and Snickers, too substantial and filling, Cadbury said. There was an untapped sales opportunity for a lighter, aerated chocolate bar such as Wispa in a duo format, it added.

The NPD will be backed by a £3.2m above-the-line campaign coinciding with the launch.

Cadbury is also bringing out a new format for its Crunchie brand. In a bid to cash in on the sharing bag trend, it is launching Crunchie Rocks bite-size honeycomb pieces and crispy cornflakes covered in chocolate (rsp: £1.89). Rolling out on 17 May, the newcomer will benefit from the first new TV creative for Crunchie since 2002. The £2.5m push will see the return of the Friday Feeling tagline.

Finally, Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles will roll out later this month in a single 39g pack for indies and c-stores (rsp: 52p). A £1.3m outdoor and press campaign starring the Caramel Bunny will follow in June. "We have a busy summer ahead, with lots of exciting new products," said a spokeswoman.