United Biscuits has unveiled a new range of single-serve cakes to tap the trend for mini treats.

Its McVitie’s Cake Company business is launching Jamaica Ginger Cake Bars at the end of the month to encourage younger shoppers to try the brand. Available in packs of five (rsp: £1.65), the bars are topped with chocolate cream and coated in chocolate.

It is also rolling out Jamaica Ginger and Lyle’s Golden Syrup mini loaves in packs of four from mid-February (rsp: £1.65).

Meanwhile, in biscuits, UB is launching a Double Chocolate variant for the McVitie’s Medley portfolio in January (rsp: 55p for a 40g bar £1.95 six 30g bars).

From February, a Honeycomb flavour variant will join the Jacob’s Club line-up (rsp: £2.03/eight-pack) and shoppers will be able to p-p-pick up a toffee-flavoured Penguin bar (rsp: £2.03/nine-pack).