Tryton Foods is turning the spotlight on its Aunt Bessie's brand in a new £1.5m TV campaign focusing on its hot traditional desserts portfolio.

Hitting the small screen next week, the ad is set in the 1970s and features a couple enjoying Aunt Bessie's Bramley Apple Pie with their grandparents.The surroundings gradually become more modern and the grandparents fade out to illustrate the idea that Aunt Bessie's old-fashioned Bramley Apple Pie helps bring back fond memories. The end frame carries the strapline 'The Taste of Home'. The commercial, on air until mid-December with a second burst in January, will run in Yorkshire, Tyne Tees, Anglia, Wales and the Granada TV region. Pre and post-Christmas, Tryton Foods will invest a further £500,000 in activity including coupons to boost awareness in freezer aisles.