Werthers Original Budget: £4m 
Manufacturer: Bendicks

It was a case of out with the old and in with the new in the latest advert for butter candy Werthers Original, with the much-loved grandfather figure finally pensioned off. In his place are a father and son, who are shown in the first advert in a car having a bonding session. Fans of the old sentimental-style adverts won't be disappointed though, the new one is just as soppy.

Maltesers Budget: £2m 
Manufacturer: Masterfoods

Because eating Maltesers isn't naughty enough, owing to the small number of calories in each bag, consumers have to find other ways of playing up, or so the new advert for this chocolate brand says?. The advert shows a standard office scene, with two women sharing a pack of Maltesers, only for one of them to stand up and flash her bra at a colleague.

Creme Egg Budget: £2m 
Manufacturer: Cadbury Trebor Bassett

Cadbury Creme Egg returned to the small screen in February with an evolution of its perennial 'How do you eat yours?' campaign. It seems people are getting more adventurous, because this time round the advert showed a man disappearing over the edge of a waterfall in a barrel? while eating one. It was set to an up-tempo version of Sinatra's classic My Way.