Bendicks (Mayfair) is backing the launch of its new sugar confectionery brand Campino with a £6m TV ad campaign. Campino, which blends fruit ingredients with cream in a hard candy, comes in two variants: strawberries and cream and oranges and cream. Managing director Paul Seftel said he expected Campino to be the biggest launch in the confectionery market in 2000 as it would have a strong brand image and long-term media support. He urged retailers "to give it the same instore support that they give to new chocolate launches". He is confident Campino will be a bigger seller than Werther's Original (which parent company Storck also produces). "This is a real opportunity for retailers to develop their confectionery business," he said. The TV campaign breaks on June 12 and runs until the end of October. To help build distribution in the independent sector 30,000 retailers will get a Campino information pack at the end of May containing a flyer with a 50p money-off coupon and PoS material. Campino "Coming Soon" cards will be delivered inside Werther's Original roll pack outers during April. Campino is available in both flavour variants in 140g bags (rsp 89p) and 43g roll packs (rsp 30p). {{P&P }}