Tango is trying to regain its edgy appeal with a new Banksy-style look targeting the lads' market.

After several years trying to woo mums, Britvic has given the soft drinks brand a stencil-art makeover in an attempt to re-engage with its original target audience.

The new look, dubbed Mash Up, sees the old swirling fruit images replaced by an apple, orange and cherry being punctured by an arrow, detonated and dangled above a bear trap respectively.

Deadpan taglines such as 'We take the prettiest, tastiest cherries. Then we mangle them', would appeal to 17 to 25-year old males, said Emma Peacock, external communications manager for Britvic.

"In recent years we have been targeting mums and reassuring them of Tango's health credentials, but we recognised the brand needed to re-focus and take a more aggressive and outrageous approach and appeal to guys in their late teens and early 20s," she said. "This consumer group is marketing savvy and cares about brand image in front of peers. Tango can capitalise on this as it has the licence to be more edgy. This redesign will shake up the category and display Tango's unique personality the way it should be."

She denied the revamp was evidence its post "You've been Tangoed" brand marketing had failed. Last month's Thank You For Saving Tango ad campaign had revealed purchase intent was still high for the brand, she insisted.

The new designs are rolling out now on 330ml cans, six-packs and 2-litre bottles. Marketing support will kick off in the summer.