Canned salmon has lagged behind in the battle to innovate canned foods due to the remoteness of the main production source, Alaska. But recently there have been new ranges introduced using farmed salmon, which is available all year round. The two main producers are Chile and Scotland. The former is producing a range of salmon with sauces packed in 105g cans. Scofish's Specialities premium range is using the traditional flat, oval can. Produced by International Fish Canners at Fraserburgh, the Scofish range is listed by Tesco and offers Luxury Scottish Salmon in various sauces such as malt whisky, creamy whisky, peppercorn, and honey mustard. Rsp: £2.49. Both are aimed at widening the use of salmon among younger consumers. Recent research shows it is older consumers who are the main users of red salmon, tuna being preferred by younger users. There was more encouraging news from Bristol Bay as fishing came to an end. The pack will be similar to last year, due to the average size being near the maximum 6lb, compared with last year's 4lb. With better yields and good quality, UK traders are hoping to repeat the heavy Christmas promotions, although prices are expected to be in the £1.29 region, due to the weakness of sterling against the dollar. {{M/E CANNED GOODS }}