As tuna prices rise, red salmon is being promoted at greatly reduced levels, as leading brands bring forward their promotional deals to take advantage of an opportunity to reinvigorate sales. For the last couple of years, red salmon sales have been hit by the special deals on tuna and high prices asked by North American packers. Then, last year, the canners realised they could face a problem with unsold stocks prior to the new pack, so dollar prices fell sharply, enabling a 99p ticket on 213g reds. Own label buyers who traditionally cover their requirements season to season, were unable to participate in the lower price strategy. Some may now decide to sell own label at below £1 to compete with Princes and John West who are leading the promotional activity over the next few weeks. Sales of 105g, currently at £1.49, will halt, raising the issue of new season's Canadian strategy which, historically, has been based on production of the small can in preference to the 213g. With limited stocks of Canadian fish, canners prefer to pack 105g to maximise the value of their resource. Forecasts for new season Alaskan and Canadian production are similar to last season's levels. {{M/E CANNED GOODS }}