Reports of poorer red run than expected As the North American salmon processors prepare for the new season's pack, suggestions of a poorer than expected Red run circulate in Seattle. Already, empty cans, cartons and food for the factory workers are on the way up the West Coast by barge so a serious shortfall in Bristol Bay would be costly. There is talk of another El Niño effect, which four years ago created a disaster as sea temperatures rose 2° at the time of the run, causing probably half of the salmon to die at sea. The theory then was that temperature triggers the fish to start their runs up the river to spawn. As they cease feeding, any delay causes fatality. This affects reds, whose life cycle makes them more vulnerable, whereas pinks seem hardier and in numbers alone far exceed the red run. UK importers will take a wait and see' attitude but as we are the largest export market for red salmon, even with a reduced pack there will be enough product to meet our demand, albeit at a higher price. The sterling exchange rate could add more cost. Pink prices should remain similar to last year as carryover stocks in North America will keep prices down. {{CANNED GOODS }}