Jonathan Fitchew

Halloween. The ghosts of any lingering Q3 memories are vanishing as the final quarter of the year enters full swing. This is an integral period that you need to get right - it will make or break your year.

I’ve seen sales professionals fall into a common pitfall that the relative calm of a new quarter presents: resting on laurels. The importance of laying foundations at the start of the quarter should not be underestimated. Work done today banishes the looming spectre that may haunt you come the end of the quarter - ensuring you’re not haggardly chasing targets.

  • Get rid of the skeletons in your closet

It’s always important to reflect on the previous quarter at the start of a new one. What facet of your role was lacking? Did you attend enough meetings? Make enough calls? No matter what metrics you use, identifying patterns in your working behaviour can be immeasurably beneficial. Elevate your strengths and rectify your weaknesses - but make sure that evaluating your performance is the first thing you do.

  • Bobbing for leads

The start of a new quarter renews much. As Q4 progresses, budgets for the upcoming yearly cycle will be once again be taking shape. Don’t wait for the onset of Q1 and budget announcements to start mapping out lead generation. Map out new clients now. Don’t just bob for apples this October, start bobbing for leads! Even if you’re told to come back and enquire at later date, this tactic will still work to your advantage. At worst your potential clients will remember you when Q1 rolls around.

  • Trick or treat

You may find yourself in the unenviable position of having many deals outstanding, while you watch colleagues pocket treats in the guise of healthy bonuses. In my experience I’ve seen this cloud the vision of many sales professionals. Take emotion out of the equation, persevere until those terms and conditions are finalised. Don’t think of the Q3 bonuses that you’ve missed out on - think about the bumper Q4 haul that these lengthier, complex deals will contribute towards.

Exorcise those demons and as Q4 gathers pace, you may be surprised at the rewards you reap.