Two months into the new year, how are you faring? Are you defaulting to more of the same or stepping up? If you want to perform well it is vital to plan.

A recent survey highlighted what keeps people most awake at night: workload confidence in own ability conflict with colleagues adapting to change performance of your team. The survey indicated most would leave success to chance. However, in as little as one hour a week it is possible to transform your results. Here are five strategies you can implement straight away:

Clarify your objectives: Be clear on what is expected and how you contribute to the overall results. What must be achieved by the year’s end? Break this down into quarterly outcomes - plan and prioritise your time and resources.

Identify your strengths and development needs. What skills, knowledge and behaviour do you need to achieve your objectives? Complete a personal SWOT analysis. What are your key qualities? If you are a natural intellect, how can you harness this to solve a problem? Are you a natural people person? How can you apply this to engage others? How can you address your development needs? Training, coaching, mentoring, shadowing, e-learning… there are many ways you can develop.

Eliminate things that irritate you: What bugs you the most? What do you want instead? Take action to change the situation. Is a member of your team constantly arriving late for meetings? Look for a practical solution. If you get too many emails, set up a ‘no-email day’.

Identify five key actions: Break down your objectives and choose five actions each week you can take. Identify the skills, knowledge or other resources you may need to help. Remember, imperfect action is better than no action. Each week choose an easy step first, which will help to build your confidence.

Failing to plan is planning to fail: Develop a habit of planning. Block time in your diary - 45 minutes a week. Take your objectives and review your actions taken. What worked well this week? What could you have done differently? What challenges are coming up next week?

What do you really want for 2013? More of the same? Or is it your year for transformation?