According to marketing guru Bryon Sharp, to build a brand you need physical and mental availability.

Over the past 12 months through our pivot into retail, for the first time Rubies in the Rubble is starting to build solid physical availability – securing over 2,500 distribution points, including national listings in Waitrose and Morrisons.

Now we can start building mental availability too. This is the space you take up in a shopper’s mind, or as Sharp puts it: “the probability a customer will think of a particular brand in a buying situation”.

But how to distil nine years of passion, purpose, innovation into a one-page advert? How do you get people in the street to take notice, and remember our brand?

Over the past six months, with the help of some clever friends at Hell Yeah, we have distilled our passion and reason for existence ready for our first outdoor advertising campaign this summer.

We call it Goodism. Goodism is the act of taking something good and making it a whole lot ‘gooder’. It’s not about settling for the same old, but making something better; not just for ourselves, but for the planet. That’s why we take condiments and ask ‘how can we make them gooder?’. The answer? Pack them full of delicious fruit that otherwise would’ve gone to waste.

We wanted to show our jester and hero brand personality and talk about sustainability in a way that isn’t preachy or alienating to someone who might be starting their sustainable journey. We’ve put our pack shot front and centre and washed the ad with a vibrant red to stand out.

Goodism, for us, is a new way of talking about what we’ve always said – that making small swaps and voting with your money is one of the most powerful forms of activism we can take.

We will continue to put actions behind our words and strive to be gooder, because we believe businesses have a responsibility to bring about positive change for our communities and our planet. We see a future where all businesses are a force for good and our consumption is not a negative attributor to our planet but a positive. But to make that change, it’s down to us as consumers to support these businesses.

Please keep an eye out for our ads over the next few weeks: we’d love to know what you think.