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You can’t beat a burger: Rubies in the Rubble sponsors the National Burger Awards

It’s back, one of my favourite days of the year: the National Burger Awards. And this year, on its 10th anniversary, it’s bigger and better than ever.

If you’re anything like me, when taking a seat in any good British establishment, perusing the menu, you’re only really in search of one thing: the house burger. When done right, it’s a thing of pride. The perfect combination of fats and acids, and then the warmed bun with a crisp outer is an art in itself – it’s no wonder locals often claim their versions as ‘the world’s best’.

If this resonates, then picture the National Burger Awards, bringing all the greats from across the isles under one roof to compete for the Nation’s Best Burger prize. It’s judged by specialists who rate competing chefs in various ‘burger-offs’ – so the heat is on. It’s dog eat dog out there, but all spectators need to do is show up hungry for sampling time!

Since there is an obvious link with condiments, Rubies in the Rubble had to sponsor the event to show our support and give the team an excuse for a full-on taste-athon. A good condiment has the power to transform a dish and can be the key to a well-crafted burger. Like the perfect pairing of food and wine, when the taste that lingers is neither the food nor the wine but an entirely new taste, made uniquely from the two, then you know you’ve nailed it.

The event is a great way of getting together and celebrating the amazing talent, passion, and hard work within the food makers of Britain.

And it’s not the only one: the UK is pretty great at food festivals. Both local and national, there are so many – with awards for pies, artisan cheeses (we create more varieties of cheese than France!), farm produce, bread, sausages, beer, whiskey, ice cream or even Yorkshire puddings. Let’s keep the traditions alive. They are always magical and shine a light on the passion and creativity of our hospitality sector.

So, if you’re wondering what to do on 20 February, get yourself down to the National Burger Awards – or check out any of the other food festivals in your area this year. And if you’re a brand wanting to meet some potential new contacts or create some partnerships, get over there and have some fun – better still, sponsor one. It’s not just great to celebrate and support the industry – it makes business sense too.