Carling has been given a dramatic new look by brand owner Molson Coors in a bid to reinvigorate the lager market.

The makeover is part of the brewer’s five-step plan for the brand, which includes marketing under the strapline ‘Refreshingly and brilliantly British’, as well as new packaging formats.

“Consumers have become disengaged by the beer category as they perceive it as dull and lacking excitement,” said Molson Coors UK chief executive Mark Hunter.

“The industry is under great strain but if beer can meet consumers’ needs and become more relevant it will help stimulate growth.”

As exclusively revealed in The Grocer on 16 July, the company has developed premium sub-brand Carling Chrome, which is brewed to give lower levels of bitterness and carbonation.

Molson Coors also recently unveiled its 'beer for girls', dubbed Animée.

Carling was placed third in The Grocers Britain’s 100 Biggest Alcohol Brands report, published last week. Its annual sales were up 1.3% year-on-year to £346.7m [Nielsn 52w/e 14 May 2011].

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