Carlsberg continues to maintain its lead in the beer, wine and spirits category, recording 25% of promotional space in the major retailers last weekend.

Carlsberg has led the way for most of the year and continues to hold the top spot in the year-to-date chart with 27% of activity - four percentage points ahead of its closest rival Stella, which failed to make the top five last weekend.

The Hardys wine range took second place last weekend with a respectable 21% of activity. The brand sits in joint-third place in the 2007 chart overall with 17% of activity alongside rival wine brand E&J Gallo.

The beer, wine and spirits chart is always close, with several brands often accounting for the same share, but Foster's just nipped into third place this week with 19%, only one percentage point ahead of fourth place and two percentage points ahead of fifth.

Year-to-date figures show Foster's is currently sitting in last place, a drop of three percentage points and two places from its third place in 2006, but with the Christmas season fast approaching there is still plenty of time to make up the lost ground.

E&J Gallo was the fourth most active brand last weekend with 18% of space. The brand's higher level of activity so far this year has helped it move up the year-to-date chart, securing joint-third place - three places ahead of its position at the end of 2006.

The last brand to make the top five beer, wine and spirits chart was Grolsch with 17% of activity. Grolsch currently sits in joint-13th place in the 2007 chart, a drop of five places from its 8th place at the end of 2006.

In terms of the promotional mechanics used last weekend, the retailers favoured the save mechanic, which accounted for 68% of all offers and was used by all the top five brands last weekend. The second most popular mechanic was x-for-y, which was used in 24% of cases.