Carlsberg-Tetley has responded to taunts by Bass that other players were failing to support their brands by unveiling a £6.5m campaign for Carlsberg Lager. Last week Bass announced a £10m TV budget for its four key brands and marketing director Mark Hunter said there was little evidence of other companies spending this level of cash during this critical period. C-T has been working on new ads for its leading lager for some months. Saatchi & Saatchi has created two new versions, "Holiday" and "Bank", which are aimed at an audience of 18-34 year old males. The first ads have already been shown and will run on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and satellite until mid-January. More than 6.64 million 18-34 year old men will see the ads 5.6 times, on average. Carlsberg-Tetley head of marketing and take home sales Doug Clydesdale said: "Research showed young consumers perceive Carlsberg Lager as a quality product. "The new advertisements tap into the inspirations and aspirations of our target market to demonstrate what could happen if Carlsberg was to apply its passion and excellence in brewing to other areas. "The executions effectively bring life to our famous strap line, Probably the best lager in the world'," he said. One ad features a holiday destination for three lads which is next to a building site where all the builders are attractive women. It carries the endline, "Carlsberg don't do holidays, but if they did, they would probably be the best holidays in the world". {{DRINKS }}