When the baker’s lad in the 1970s Hovis advert pushed his delivery bike up that cobbled street, it’s a safe bet that all he had in his basket was bread. If the lad was in the same line of work today, it is likely he would now be delivering Best of Both rolls, muffins or even a loaf of pesto bread, or with consumers deserting the Hovis brand, Sandwich Thins, wholemeal wrap, brioche or bagels produced by the other big bakers.

The diversity of the category and popularity of such products - in many cases at the expense of the traditional white loaf - are symptoms of the transformation of the bread market over recent years, a transformation that is set to continue and bring even more innovative products to shelves.

Our special report canvasses expert opinion and harnesses exclusive data; examines the progress of ‘demonised’ sliced white bread; assesses the expansion of gluten-free bread in the multiples; weighs up the growth of ‘flavoured’ bread lines; and looks at the rise of sandwich bread alternatives, such as wraps, bagels and thin rolls.

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