Drought is pushing olive oil prices up. Will the impact be shortlived or are high prices here to stay… and who stands to gain?

Focus on oils

Olive oil producers are in desperate need of good news. Now they’re eyeing the blossom sprouting in Spain’s olive groves in the hope of some. As an early indicator of the harvest, the flowers have never come under such scrutiny.

In the past year the rain has refused to fall in Spain, wreaking havoc on the olive harvest, reportedly down 80% year-on-year in 2012. As the world’s largest olive oil producer, what goes on in Spain matters: a poor harvest can have a seismic impact on global prices. 

Our special report investigates how the growing olive shortage is affecting the British cooking oils market, exploring everything from the promotional tactics and pricing strategies of the biggest brands and retailers, through to advertising, marketing and new product development.

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