They’re performing ahead of the branded giants in the latest OC&C Top 150 supplier rankings thanks to flourishing exports and innovation

Just how British are Britain’s biggest food and drink manufacturers? Not very, if The Grocer’s annual ranking of the industry giants compiled by OC&C Strategy Consultants is anything to go by.

Over the last 10 years UK-based ownership of Grocer 150 companies have declined significantly as businesses from overseas have snapped up UK operators. While in 2003 68% (102 companies) of the 150 were in the hands of British owners this figure has fallen to 56% (84 companies) today.

But there is an upside to this globalisation of business. A number of these operators now export their products overseas, and of those Grocer 150 companies still in the hands of UK owners, a large proportion derive a significant chunk of their revenue from exports.

So what impact have these changes had on the performance of the Grocer 150 companies this year? What’s been the key to this export success story? Who have been the industry’s biggest winners and losers? And with the UK starting to see green shoots starting to push their way up out of the ground, how bullish are the heads of some of the Grocer 150 companies about the future?

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