Talk about pampered pets! A year ago, our report on falling prices and own-label growth in petcare could have raised doubts about how much pet owners love their animals, but the latest numbers should lay them to rest.

Value sales have surged 4.1% to £1.8bn and volumes have risen 2.3% [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 20 July 2014], reversing the previous year’s 1.2% volume decline. What’s more, brands have clawed back some of the share lost to own label in the previous year, with innovative NPD and marketing investment.

Tiddles and Fido are being treated more too. Pet owners have spent £49m on treats in the past year, an increase of 9.5% on volumes up 7% [Kantar]. Cat treats enjoyed the greatest growth, of 22.8% in value and 16.9% in volume, though it’s worth stressing they account for much less of the market than dog treats.

Not all parts of the market are looking quite so bright eyed and bushy tailed, however. In both cat and dogfood, wet food is thriving while dry is struggling. Dry dogfood has suffered a 1% value decline on volumes down 3.1% [Kantar], and dry catfood - while still in growth - is losing share to wet.

So why are some parts of the market performing so well as others suffer? And what are petcare’s movers and shakers doing to ensure the overall category growth continues throughout the coming year?

Look no further for information, statistics and detailed analysis. We’ve covered everything from the hot innovations getting consumers (and their four-legged friends excited) to the key trends shaping the Category and prospective future pressure points in the petcare supply chain. 

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