Dairy Crest is giving packs of Cathedral City a seasonal facelift to ensure the brand stands out from its rivals in this year's pre-Christmas cheese-buying frenzy.

The seasonal packaging will roll out across all retailers from 1 November.

The innovative pack design would help drive both value and volume growth over a key period for branded Cheddar, said Laura Downey, head of marketing for cheese at Dairy Crest.

"Seasonal packs play to the pleasure consumers have in eating cheese at Christmas and their enjoyment of all things seasonal at this time. Consumers trade up to brands at this time of year and feel an emotional connection to ones that recognise this festive period."

The seasonal artwork will appear for six weeks on 400g and 600g packs of Cathedral City Mature, 350g packs of Extra Mature, 350g packs of Mature Lighter and 400g packs of Mild.